Planning Matters

Planning – whether it’s developing a realistic budget or implementing a prudent investment strategy – is the cornerstone of wealth creation:

  • Thomas Stanley and William Danko, the authors of “The Millionaire Next Door”, found that one of the defining characteristics of people who have accumulated a comfortable level of wealth is their penchant for planning and budgeting. Millionaires become millionaires because they choose financially-rewarding professions, they save more than they spend, and they invest their savings wisely.
  • Researchers at the University of California at Irvine recently found that people who have a specific plan for their savings and investments amassed 28% – 85% more wealth than those who didn’t have a Plan.
  • The Employee Benefit Research Institute found that people who have calculated the total amount of money they’ll need for retirement have saved more towards their goals than those who haven’t. In other words, those who have planned for their retirement, have much higher odds of not running out of money before they run out of life.


At Chesme Capital Management, we believe  power of planning, especially as it relates to Investment Management. Our unique planning process is designed to help you identify, quantify, and attain the goals that you value the most, while avoiding unnecessary risks and sacrifices to your lifestyle.

We will proactively track your progress toward attaining your most important goals and help you make adjustments when life (or the market) throws you the inevitable curveball.

We will provide you with a regularly updated and forward-looking view of where you are today relative to where you want to be tomorrow. Through our planning process, you will gain the Confidence that your goals are reasonable, affordable, and attainable.

Discipline, Focus, Balance

Chesme Capital Management’s Mission Statement: To provide fiduciary guidance and counsel in the development, implementation, and monitoring of a disciplined and prudent process, rooted in intentional and deliberate decision making, and focused on balancing a client’s current lifestyle with his or her desired lifestyle at some point in the future.

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