At Chesme, we view our services as those of expert consultants.  As such, our fee schedule is based on the required and desired level of service necessary to manage your plan and/or your portfolio.

Because we are fiduciaries to our clients, we insist on a requisite level of planning, for all clients, prior to developing and implementing an investment strategy.   To do otherwise would be highly inappropriate.

We believe that flat-fee pricing is most appropriate for relationships that are weighted more toward comprehensive financial planning efforts.  For this level of service, our fees typically range from $2,500 annually to $6,000 annually regardless of account size. We manage some smaller, very simple cases for less and larger, more complex cases for more.  Our fees do not increase as portfolio levels increase.

We also utilize a graded percentage of assets under management fee schedule for relationships that are weighted more toward portfolio management.  For this level of service, the fee schedule starts at 1% and declines in percentage as the assets under management increase.  We do impose a minimum fee of $500.