Advisory Services

Chesme’s Advisory Services are designed to meet your financial planning needs, whether they’re big or small.

  1. Our Investment Planning Services are designed to help you determine how best to invest your portfolio based on your most important financial goals. We’ll stress-test your goals against several possible investment strategies, and under different market environments, to help you determine the course of action that offers you the highest odds of success (and the least amount of downside risk). Our Investment Planning Services are designed to work in conjunction with our Portfolio Management Services (see below) so that we can continuously monitor your progress toward meeting your goals, and manage your portfolio accordingly.
  2. Our Comprehensive Planning Services include Insurance Planning, Tax Planning and Estate Planning services in addition to our Investment Planning Services. They are designed to provide investors with an in-depth review of all areas of their financial lives.
  3. We recognize that many investors – especially those whose portfolios are “tied-up” in their company retirement plans – only need occasional “ad-hoc” advice. For them, we offer hourly, Project-Specific Services designed to cost-effectively address their financial-planning needs. Examples would include reviewing 401k allocations, analyzing deferred comp arrangements, and options planning.

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